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Salaire des traders : combien gagnent-ils ?

Salaire des traders

The profession of trader is highly coveted for all possible earning opportunities. This work is all the more accessible since the stock market opened its doors online through the many trading platforms that offer their services.

That said, although profitable, but as with all activities, the trader must make an effort to collect substantial salaries. Moreover, it is to set aside received ideas about the remuneration how to make bitcoin anonymous of traders that we will take a closer look to get a concrete picture.

What is a trader?

It should be known that a trader is a person who will carry out the purchase, but also the sale of stock exchange products on the various financial markets , either via manual actions or via the use of a Robot Trading . It is therefore a question of positioning oneself on these assets in order to realize a capital gain by reselling them and thus derive the best profits. That said, we must distinguish between a trader and an investor since the two differ in the duration of the positions:

  • Investors generally position themselves for the long term;
  • traders, for their part, prefer short but also medium term gains.

In addition to this and to fulfill the expectations of all traders, various trading platforms are available such as UFX broker . They will allow trading under good conditions and also offer the possibility of speculating on a multitude of financial products.

What are the salaries received by traders?

Salary of traders

It is useful to clarify that for the same trading activity, there are two kinds of traders: salaried traders and independent traders. For the first type, they are market operators who work for a banking establishment with a fixed salary and possible bonuses linked to earnings.

En outre, le trader indépendant est celui qui travaille pour son propre compte ce qui signifie que ses revenus vont correspondre à ses gains. Cela dit, pour avoir une idée plus concrète sur les salaires perçus par les traders employés dans de grandes entreprises, il est important de préciser que cela varie en fonction de leur ancienneté et que la rémunération augmente au fur et à mesure avec l’expérience. Toutefois, les salaires de base attribués sont variables avec les critères de recrutement. On retrouve :

  • Les traders qui débutent leur carrière vont percevoir un salaire annuel qui peut aller jusqu’à 50 000 €; ;
  • pour les traders avec un plus d’expérience, ils peuvent atteindre des salaires annuels avoisinant les 100 000 €;.

However, it should be kept in mind that these salaries relate to base salaries and that the income of traders does not come only from this, but there are also bonuses. These vary depending on the profitability of the business.

To perceive them, it is necessary to go beyond the defined levels to obtain cumulative bonuses which keeps the traders motivated for significant gains. Moreover, the average premium that a trader can receive annually can reach € 250,000; and this is a simple average since some may receive much larger amounts.